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Large Breaker

Large Breaker

Product Code:Large Breaker
Price: R1,980.00

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Hilti is breaking the rules again. Break free from the hassles of pneumatic breakers and other electric tools with the new Hilti TE 3000-AVR, the breaker that promises to revolutionize the demolition market. Hilti's flagship breaker enters the market with innovations that make it the first 65 pound electro-pneumatic tool that can literally perform head to head with air breakers of the same weight. This means less set up time to get that compressor going, no annoying hoses and gasket leaks, and no more diesel thirsty compressors needed for medium to heavier duty breaking jobs. Our powerful SR brushless motor provides previously unheard of power to weight ratios by eliminating the carbon brushes and copper windings that add weight to traditional motors. The Hilti TE 3000-AVR is engineered to last and allows you to work much longer between service or repair cycles thanks to a three chamber sealing system and active cooling design. Try the best and break free to new levels of productivity and durability.


  • The mighty TE 3000-AVR brings impressive hammering power to big concrete demolition jobs
  • Breaking up asphalt the quick, easy way - in road building, repair work and pipe laying
  • The TE 3000-AVR, unlike air tools, needs no compressor and is therefore easy to transport, highly versatile and ready for use in minutes


  • Awesome hammering impact energy of 68 joules
  • Impressive breaking performance - up to 6 tons of concrete per hour
  • Minimal vibration - less than 7m/s², i.e. over 4 hours permissible trigger time
  • Versatile, easy to operate, easy to transport and ready for use in minutes, which pays off especially in smaller demolition jobs
  • Low operating costs as no compressor is required
Reduced impact energy No
Active Vibration Reduction Yes
Dust removal module No
Single impact energy 68 J
Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003 29.9 kg
Weight class 30 kg
Full hammering frequency 860 impacts/minute
Working mode Chiselling
Chiselling performance - base material B35
Service indicator Yes
Tamping tool - width max. 150 mm
On/off switch Yes
Tamping tool - length 400 mm
Interference immunity Yes
Spade chisel - width 115 mm
IP protection class IP 20 (IEC 60529)
Tamping tool - width min. 150 mm
Working direction Floor demolition
Brushless motor Yes
Control switch lock No
Needle adapter No
Constant speed motor electronics Yes
Chiselling performance - test method Demolition
Variable speed switch No
Uncertainty (K) for triaxial vibration value for chiselling (ah,CHeq) 1.5 m/s² 1
Uncertainty for the given sound level 3 dB (A) 2
Radio and television interference suppression Yes
Application Floor demolition, Pile breaking
Spade chisel - length 500 mm