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Standards and Ledgers Scaffolding

Standards and Ledgers Scaffolding

Product Code:Standards and Ledgers
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Basic scaffolding elements include two general components: standards and ledgers. A standard is a long pipe or tube that connects the mass of the scaffold directly to the ground, and it runs the length of the scaffolding. The base of each standard is connected to a base plate, which helps distribute the weight each standard bears. In between each standard, running horizontally is a ledger, which adds further support and weight distribution.

Support for Decking and the casting of concrete columns, walls and floor slabs during construction. Very modular and therefore strong, user friendly and easy to install and dismantle. Can be used to create different shapes, sizes and heights, and working platform.

Plane / Tie Braces – Extra supporting system
• Base Jacks – To level Scaffolding
• Hook on Metal Boards – Provides a safe working platform size 1.5m & 2.1m
• Wooden boards – Provides Stable working platform
• Scaffolding Wheels / Castors – for easy moving scaffolding from point A to B, have locking system.