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Pole Pruner Petrol

Pole Pruner Petrol

Product Code:Pole Pruner Petrol
Price: R2,730.00

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The HT 75 can reach branches up to approximatly 5m off the ground thanks to its extendable shaft, the length can range from 2.65m - 3.85m. With Picco Mini chain as standard it makes the HT 75 the perfect tool for trimming branches. Don't forget the comfort harnernes for even load distribution over the shoulders when using the HT 75.

Anti-vibration system Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to long-term effects on blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL has therefore developed an effective anti-vibration system whereby the oscillations from the machine's engine are dampened which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.
Multi-function control handle The Multi-function control handle houses all the engine controls. Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator's hand never leaves the handle.
Telescopic pole With the practical telescope shaft that can be fixed from 2.70m to 3.90m, you can easily reach branches up to a height of 5m.
Shoulder strap / carrying system Using a STIHL shoulder strap or carrying harness with soft padding makes work more comfortable, particularly during lengthy jobs.
STIHL ElastoStart STIHL ElastoStart reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting. The compression shock is taken away from the user's joints and muscles through a spring or rubber element in the starter handle.
Goggles It is important to protect your eyes from flying particles and harmful UV radiation. Therefore a pair of safety glasses are supplied with the the machine.
Manual fuel pump (purger) Manual fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting pulls required following extended breaks in operations.


Technical data

Displacement cm³ 25,4
Bar length cm 30
Overall length with bar and chain cm 270 - 390
Power output kW/bhp 0,95/1,3
Weight kg 1) 7,3
Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 3/8" Picco Micro Mini Comfort 3